3G Safety watch

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Welcome to the 3G Safety Watch

The 3G Safety Watch goes beyond just telling the time. It puts the ultimate level of safety on your wrist. Being the most advanced safety watch on the market, the 3G Safety Watch is designed using the latest technologies to provide you with the protection you need. With 24/7 monitoring, pinpoint geographical location you can alert authorities with one press of a button. These are just some of the features that defines it as the leading safety watch available.


The 3G Safety Watch is a personal emergency alarm and mobile phone watch which is monitored 24/7 by an accredited security service who will dispatch emergency assistant should the user require immediate support. The 3G Safety Watch operates as a normal watch with added safety features and benefits for peace of mind.


Employers looking to enhance their staff’s wellbeing acknowledge that the 3G Safety Watch reduces the safety risks to mobile employees, shift workers and solo employees. This also helps reduce financial risk and associated costs to the business by utilising the technology that is available through the 3G Safety Watch.


The 3G Safety Watch has gone one step further in personal safety care. No need to dial for emergency assistance, just hold the “red” button for 3 seconds and you’re instantly connected to a security monitoring service. The 3G Safety Watch has a special code known to authorities, once they receive the call and they know it is a verified distress alarm they will respond accordingly.


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