Medical Monitoring Alarm for The Elderly
The fully integrated  “3G Safety watch” provides all the numerous proven benefits of other Identicom products when it comes to protecting and medically monitoring the elderly in order to protect them from attacks or abuse, while also incorporating the capability-for 24/7 medical monitoring alarm system which alerts the Monitoring Centre, manually or automatically, in case of any injury or incapacity-of the elderly. The state of the Art-signal processing technology analyses the tilt, in-combination with non response timed alerts. That, in addition-to a rip alarm & the discreetly operable red-alert button will help in detecting the elderly’s difficulty, and will raise an alarm-across the cell phone network, at the same time minimizing false alarms.

The 3G Safety watch Solution features a security device which gives the elderly user the most-effective way to raise alarm in case he or she is in difficulty, or on the receiving-end of verbal abuse, an attack or in a �Man-Down’ situation, which makes it a very effective duress alarm-system and a medical monitoring alarm for the elderly combined into 1 neat unit.

Uses & Benefits of 3G Safety watch
The Device may be configured and can be used in many different-applications and it’s ideally suited for monitoring the elderly and for those who work alone regularly.

-The unique ID-card format makes sure that the 3G Safety watch is always with the-elderly and within immediate reach. The discreet activation makes sure that the elderly is not putting himself at any further danger or risk whilst creating a GPS-fix, thus enabling the elderly’s location to-be quickly identified.

-The discreet activation makes sure that a direct-open voice call from the 3G Safety watch will easily help capture the verbal abuse as-well-as identify any potential issues-of physical abuse. There’s is also an automatic alerting system in case of any injury or an incapacity to the elderly through the “Man-Down” red alert. In addition, there’s a one button activation-of multiple escalation actions (that is, voice call & multiple text messages)

-The unique ‘Stop & Check’ function makes sure that the elderly verifies their ability-to raise an alarm before any potentially hazardous-situation occurs.

-It has the ability to pre record useful information before-a visit is made. The 3G Safety watch operates on a timer mechanism. A failure to respond-to the timer basically initiates an alert status.

-Lanyard ‘Rip Alarm’ makes sure that the device-enters an alert status in case it’s forcibly removed or stolen from an elderly.

-All types of industry sized ID-cards can be easily accommodated, you simply slide in or out from the side.

-The quad band technology typically means that the 3G Safety watch will operate-in any area where there is a GSM Network.

3G Safety watch can also be used by:
-Home help & care assistants who work-alone & visit unfamiliar areas while dealing with the elderly in varying physical & psychiatric conditions.
-Cleaners who usually work alone, often after-hours when contact is minimal & hazards are a threat.
-Laboratory workers who often handle chemicals & other volatiles substances in the course of the normal working day.
-Meter readers who basically work alone & face risks like dog attacks.
-Delivery and postal employees who work alone in locations they’re unfamiliar with and those who’re required to manhandle-objects whilst negotiating stairs & other hazards.
-Delivery drivers and parking attendants who normally work alone, often in irregular hours and tend to face the wrath-of irate motorists.
-Real estate agents & property managers who basically work alone. The property managers, mainly female, may regularly visit the properties alone and run the risk-of being exposed to various inappropriate behaviors & other hazards & risks.
-Retail/Service sector employees/staff, most of whom-are young and normally work alone during irregular hours. For example, employees working in liquor, fuel and food delivery-settings are especially at risk whilst facing the prospect-of violence, abuse, burglary, theft & armed holdups.
-Local government personnel like rangers, parking & by law enforcement officers, building inspectors, among others, who might be subjected to verbal-abuse or/and assault.
-Taxi, bus & transport drivers who usually work alone during irregular hours.
-Social workers, institution-staff, community workers & domestic violence workers who normally deal with volatile situations during the course-of their everyday work.
-Electrical/maintenance workers/employees who often work alone in confined spaces & other hazardous situations.
-Emergency services, law-enforcement and security personnel who routinely-face dangerous, hazardous & often volatile situations/instances where immediate medical assistance is vital.
-Farming/horticultural/forestry workers who work-alone in hazardous & remote locations, usually in extreme weather.
-Health practitioners like locum doctors who do house calls, usually while carrying large quantities of medication, & nursing staff who go on home visits & work irregular hours.